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What is a White Label Website Builder and how to use it?

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Updated: March 29 2023

While the concept of website builders might be known to you, the "white label" extension might cause a stir. In this article I will delve into the world of white label, explore its functionality in website building, and guide you through the process of using a white label website builder to create stunning websites under your own brand. 

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What is a White Label?


White label is nothing else than a product or a service that is created by one producer/company that can be resold by a different company as if they made it themselves. Those products are sold under said company’s brand or trademark. It’s a solution that is widely used in business since the 1990s. White labeling allows companies to save resources like time, energy, and money that they might have used for manufacturing and marketing. Traditional products, services, and software can all be sold under white label making it a tempting business opportunity.

What is a white label?

How White Label Works


White labeling is a process that involves reselling products or services created by a third party. It works by allowing companies to purchase a product or service from an original manufacturer, then add their branding and logo to it to make it their own.

Because the process of manufacturing the product is outsourced, companies can skip all the costly tasks that are necessary to develop the technology and infrastructure. They can focus on just selling the product.

Additionally, white labeling allows companies to expand their offerings quickly and easily without investing in additional resources. The possibility of rapid growth seems to be especially useful for startups and small businesses. Yet, white labeling is extremely popular among established market players.

The main types of white-labeled goods are:

  • Store brand products offered by supermarkets - the manufacturer sells the same product to different stores that then resell it under its brand.

  • Electronics - it's prevalent for major electronic companies to sell cheaper-priced white-label products. They can maximize profits by expanding the range of offerings.

  • Services - the most popular examples are from the banking industry. Smaller banks usually outsource check processing operations to bigger ones.

  • SaaS (software as a service) - right now it's one of the most rapidly developing branches of white labeling. Companies like WebWave give agencies or customers a chance to become resellers of their software.


What is a white label website


A white-label website is a website that was made by someone else and sold under a different brand. A digital agency can sell websites made by an independent freelance designer, but brand them as their own. The creator of a white-label web design project needs a solution that will let them create a project free of any branding. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to sell truly white label sites. They usually use white label website builders.

What Is a White Label Website Builder


A white label website builder is a great solution for web design agencies or professional web designers who would like to sell websites under their brand. With a white label builder, you can mask what kind of web building solution you're using and brand the UI as yours. Your clients will see your logo whenever they enter the content management system or when you're explaining to them your work process.

A white label solution is something that brings the web design business to the next level. Having your logo displayed in the software's environment makes you look way more professional. Your clients will perceive you as more competent and successful.

Choosing a white label option over a non-white label one is a smart business move. Even if you're a freelance website designer, you should consider switching to the solution that gives you full control over your brand.

It's good to remember, that white label website builder software is beneficial not only to your depiction among clients. It's something that helps you to land more jobs.

Let's say that you use WordPress to build websites for your clients. Your client has some bad experiences with this solution and wants you to create their website using different software.

If your tool is not white label you can decide to comply with their demand and learn how to use a new website builder to meet their requirements or lose a client. Either way, you're losing resources - time, money, and energy.

With a white label website builder, the software's brand logo, colors, etc. are not visible to a customer. You're using a website builder that allows you to create an excellent, unique service experience. 

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Join over 514 000 WebWave users and create websites with a true drag and drop website builder.

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Join over 514 000 WebWave users and create websites with a true drag and drop website builder.

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How to Make Money as a White Label Agency or Individual


Digital agencies or individual web designers can make money in many ways, not only through website creation. Of course, the process of building websites is a crucial part of the job. However, with white label web design, you build under your brand. It opens for you many opportunities for how you can expand your sources of income.

With a white label site builder, you may get a commission from all the costs of maintaining the website. Think of hosting, registering a custom domain name, website administration, and security - you can get a fair share from it as you can bill your clients by yourself.

A white label solution truly gives you control over your brand, since pricing is an important part of establishing what kind of business you want to be. Once you get a chance to set your commission rates, you can start competing for clients that you truly want to work with.

Build White Label websites under your own business brand


If you are a web designer and want to grow your business, create and manage websites all in one place, and offer your clients the best service experience, you must choose the right tool.

A white label website builder is an excellent tool for implementing custom solutions, distinctive to your brand. 

When you're looking for a platform to build a website as a small business owner, you have plenty of options to choose from since the main criterion you take under consideration is probably the size of a website template library. When you are a creative person, a professional web designer, or an agency, you want more. A great drag and drop website builder with amazing design features is a must but not enough. If your website builder of choice doesn't give you a chance to seamlessly add your branding or facilitate communication with clients and your team, then it's not the optimal tool for your business model.

White Label in WebWave


WebWave is a free white label website builder that offers a variety of features that are created for freelance web designers and web design agencies. Thanks to the WebWave Agency Account you can take advantage of all the benefits of white label website design.

Create unique websites under your business brand. Customize the dashboard, client's login panel, and CMS panel with your unique brand identity - colors and logo. You can even publish their websites under your subdomain for free. It's a great chance for free advertisement.


Ways to make money

Like I said before, with white label page builder, you can make money not only on creating websites, landing pages, or ecommerce sites but on administrating them as well. Even though it's not something that you have to take care of.

Thanks to the commission rates that you can set, you can make money off of hosting or registering the domain. WebWave allows you to bill your clients manually or automatically and because of the customization of the UI, they will never know who is an actual provider of those services.

And don't be concerned about the quality of the service that you may earn a commission of. All the administrative functions are regularly updated, all the system data is daily backed up and there is 99,9% server uptime.

Also, if you have an Agency Account, you get access to discounted pricing plans. You can launch websites for 50% off.

You can also expand your business and start making money by creating website templates. With WebWave, it's possible to submit a website template to the website library and get a commission every time someone launches a website built on your design.


Get feedback from your clients 

If you decide to focus primarily on creating unique designs for individual clients, you will appreciate how easy it is to connect with them and get their feedback on every stage of building a website.

It's possible thanks to the comment mode available to your clients and the preview links that you can send them. The content management system allows your client (or other members of your team) to add new content - e.g. blog articles without the need to worry about the layouts and your work progress.

Once the work is done, you can automatically send your client a traffic report of their website and help them with SEO. It makes your services look even more professional and compound. You can easily make a way better impression and expect your business and brand to grow.


Work smart, not hard

WebWave understands web designers' needs and that's why you can easily manage all of your projects from an easy-to-navigate dashboard and in case of any problems count on various support options.

You can also speed up your creative work and create your own compositions library available in a website builder. You don't need to recreate your favorite layout for the hero section over and over again. You can just copy and paste it from the library. Of course, you don't have to worry about the coding and just focus on design. Yet, if you feel like you need some additional plugins or integrations, you can always add them to your project.

Become WebWave Expert


If you have a WebWave Agency Account, you can also make use of the WebWave Expert Program.

By becoming a WebWave Expert, you will be exposed to a higher number of potential clients since you will be listed on our website. Being called an expert is also a one-of-a-kind quality check, that builds trust and authority causing more people to be willing to work with you.

You appear to have more technical knowledge, experience, and qualification than your competitors. You can showcase this title on your website or other platforms that you use to land new gigs. 

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WebWave's Affiliate Program


WebWave offers you also another way to make some extra money.

With WebWave's Affiliate program, you can earn up to 30% of the revenue generated from referrals to WebWave. As an affiliate, you will get access to banners and links that you can post on your website or social media accounts. You will also receive exclusive promotions and discounts for your referrals.

If you enjoy using WebWave, don't wait longer and start recommending it. If you work in a digital agency, you can always suggest to your clients to use WebWave to create websites. You can join the program in just a few simple steps and expand your business even more.

Top 5 Best White Label Website Builders


1. WebWave

WebWave is a free drag and drop website builder with an Agency Account feature that guarantees access to the white label benefits. You can put your brand name into your client's experience, get feedback easily from them or your team members thanks to the comments mode and have your project under control due to the CMS. WebWave is also the best website builder for web designers. It offers advanced design features that allow you to build the website that you want to build. The software's interface is similar to Photoshop's making it easy to use.


2. Duda

Duda offers a lot of white label features like a fully branded website builder, website preview, and CMS. Duda is a great option if you want to work on your project in a team. However, the design features and high-level functionalities are missing. There is a wide variety of templates but not much space to create something unique.


3. Strikingly

Strikingly is a popular solution among designers and agencies. Their main premise is that everyone, even with little to no design skills will be able to create a website fast. Design features are limited and they offer 24/7 support service. Strikingly is not fully white-labeled since it's only possible to co-brand the client dashboard. 


4. Squarespace

To start using Squarespace's white label features, you need to join "Circle". It's their special environment dedicated to creators. The sense of community is what Squarespace concentrates on the most. The features they offer don't allow you to have a fully white label experience because the Squarespace Circle badge will appear in the UI.


5. Wix

Wix is currently the best-known website builder on the market. They don't offer typical white label solutions, you can only become a Wix partner. It's a program where you can collect points for each website that you build for clients. Those points can be exchanged for benefits like custom branding or client feedback.



White label website builders are the perfect solution for freelance web designers or digital agencies that want to not only build websites for clients but also grow their brands.

Better customer experience directly converts into business expansion. There are many white label tools on the market right now, so choosing the right one is key. The best option will be a website builder that combines amazing agency features with design possibilities - just like WebWave.

If you want to become a professional designer, you should think about creating a unique and seamless experience for your clients. White label website builder in an investment in your business future.

Join over 514 000 WebWave users and create websites with a true drag and drop website builder.

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Join over 514 000 WebWave users and create websites with a true drag and drop website builder.

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Why is it called white label?

The name white label comes from the image of the blank (white) canvas (label) that the final product's marketer can put their branding on. White label means nothing else than empty space ready to be filled by the different trademarks. 


Is white label legal? 

White label is legal if you have a White Label Agreement with a product's original manufacturer. In terms of white label website builders, the Agreement is set by default when the company offers white labeling services. You just need to remember to comply with the Terms of Use of the software.  However, if you want to sell traditional products like electronic goods or jewelry under your brand, you need to make sure that the producer agrees to that. You will sign an adequate contract. 


Is white labeling worth it?

It all depends on what market you plan to navigate, who your targeted customers are, and how well-established your business is. In the world of web design, white label solutions are extremely beneficial giving you a chance to lift your business to the next level of professionalism. The software market in general is very white-label-friendly, with a wide offer. When it comes to traditional goods, you need to calculate all the costs and understand the completion to decide if it's worth it. Usually, it's worth it in terms of products that don't need much customization. 


How to start white label business?

First, you need to define what kind of product you want to sell. Then find a producer/supplier of this product. Create your own brand and marketing strategy. Selling products online is a safe and low-cost option for starting. You can set up your own store in just a few steps. Once, you do it all, you are good to go and can ship an order to your first client. 


What is the difference between white labeling and drop shipping? 

Drop shipping is a retail model, where a reseller accepts an order without having a product in their inventory. They forward the order to the product's supplier, manufacturer, or another reseller who then ships the order directly to the client. They make a profit out of the commission set on the product. In white labeling, the products are kept in the inventory and sold under the store's brand. The client usually doesn't know they are buying a resold product and think that it was created by the brand they bought it from. 

Both options are much cheaper than having a private label, with drop shipping being even risk-free and with low-investment costs. White labeling requires investing some more resources, but that's the price that you must pay for product branding. It's worth remembering that thanks to this investment, you will be able to sell the same product for more money than in the drop-shipping model.  

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