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When we say drag and drop website builder, we mean it.


Creating websites with WebWave is just like working with your favorite graphics design program. You've got the freedom and flexibility to position, resize and style elements on your web page without limits!

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Drag and drop website builder.

" " Position, resize and style elements exactly how you imagined.
" " Rulers and automatic object snapping help you align elements with single pixel accuracy.
" " Forget about using outdated block design based editors. Experience the limitless possibilities of true drag and drop design.

Interface inspired by graphic design tools.

" " Clear and simple interface
" " Add new elements effortlessly
" " Easy to navigate settings panel
" " Adjust the editing interface to suit your personal preference
Website graphic design design
website design image
background image

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Build websites that fit every screen.

" " Automatically adjust your website to fit the screen of every device.
" " Create different versions of your design to suit different screen sizes.
" " Adjust the canvas size using convenient sliders to preview your design on different screens.
" " Enter your own pixel value for up to 4 fixed break points. Desktop, tablet, mobile landscape and mobile portrait.

Create responsive websites for all devices.


With WebWave you can adjust your website to fit any screen size. Simulate different viewports by sliding the canvas handles with your mouse in both editor and preview modes. Position page elements independently for desktop, tablet and mobile screens to ensure your website looks great on every device.

Dynamic element sizing and positioning.

" " WebWave gives you complete control over your design with relative size and positioning of text, images and other page elements.
" " Set the width or height of an element relative to the size of the screen. For instance, make a column that will always fill up 25% of the screen's width.
" " Dynamic positioning allows you to set an element's position relative to the left or right edge of the screen, no matter its size.
" " Use advanced dynamic units like viewport height (vh) and viewport width (vw) to create truly responsive website designs.
Webiste builder

Squeeze lemons. Pour squeezed juice and the pulp to the pot. Add sugar and mix well. Pour water and boil. Set aside to rest. Pour into molds and freeze. Enjoy!

3 lemons
5 teaspoons of sugar
2 cups of water

Lemon ice cream

Icecream cones

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Show and hide elements on click.

Too much content on a web page can make it look cluttered and cause your visitors to click away. Present your content in clever ways using Show and Hide interactions.

Fix elements on scroll.

Fix and release elements on scroll in any place of your website to create an engaging visual effects that focus the attention of your visitors on specific content.

Giant manget website design
Giant magnet website design
Giant manget website design
Giant magnet website design
Giant magnet website design

Fix elements while scrolling.

With this function, you can fix elements for a while on the screen while your client is scrolling.

Fix elements while scrolling.

With this function, you can fix elements for a while on the screen while your client is scrolling.

Fix elements while scrolling.

With this function, you can fix elements for a while on the screen while your client is scrolling.

Surprise with interactions.

Build an interactive website that your visitors can engage with. Choose from a range of interactions to create innovative object behaviors and visual effects that will prolong visitor interest and communicate your message in more memorable ways.

Show elements while scrolling.

Display page elements as you scroll down the page. With this feature, you can create amazingly smooth animations.

Drag and drop site example

Hover effects.

With hover effects, you can apply a variety of visual effects to an object on mouse over.

Hover here

background image for website
" "

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Impress with animations.

Impress your visitors by animating images and other elements. It's easy with our website builder. WebWave offers you a wide variety of creative possibilities. Make use of our animation features to create engaging effects without the need to install 3rd party CSS or Javascript. 

Parallax effect.

This feature can be used to create the illusion of depth and relative movement using flat images. The effect is multidimensional and is a popular alternative to using conventional "flat design".

website example of skateboarder 3
website example of skateboarder 2
website example of skateboarder

Add Ken Burns effect for perfect webdesign.

The Ken Burns effect is simple, yet effective. It involves continuous slow movement and enlargement of part of an image. It can transform an otherwise unremarkable static picture into a dynamic element that attracts attention. 

Ken Burns effect in drag and drop website builder

Animated sliders.

Sliders are a great way to showcase products in your online store, display customer testimonials, or to show off just about anything you like. Really. 


Settings of images

Add title and  description.

You can add text to each slide - you have complete creative freedom.

Adjust animations.

Animation, images and text - all can be set separately so that you can achieve amazing results. 

Endless possibilities.

Don't hesitate and experiment. Try out new solutions and have fun in the process. 


Insert your own photographs or use our free image library. A perfect way to showcase retail products, art, photographic work and other image based portfolios.

example of hover images


And much, much more.

If there's a feature that we don't yet have in our website builder, you can change that by visiting vote.webwave.me Add your own request, or vote for one of the features already posted by another WebWave user. Features with the highest number of votes are more likely to be developed first, so if you see a feature you'd like, make sure you vote for it!

Add custom html

Add HTML, CSS, JS code to your website

easy layer editor

Adjust the layer position of an element

Upload Custom Fonts

Upload custom fonts

404 error example

Personalize 404 page

drag and drop website builder

Access our free library of over 1,000,000 images and icons

Edit images in website builder

In-built image editor

Set global text styles

Display an element on many pages

drag and drop website builder

Create your own reusable compositions

mobile website

Create amazing mobile menus

Bind elements to maintain spacing

copy and paste elements on the website

Copy and paste an element's style

Start creating websites with WebWave website builder now.


Create unique websites for yourself or your clients. Host your website securely, create email accounts and contact our friendly customer support whenever you need help or advice.

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Drag and drop website builder

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WebWave website builder is your AI-powered solution for building an online presence. Create your website in 3 minutes, add an online store or a blog, and grow your business. 


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