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Are you looking for a website design you've imagined? Try WebWave - a website builder created to give you the freedom to create. With a wide range of features, possibilities, and options. You can create a website with any design you've imagined without writing a single line of code or having any technical knowledge.

Create websites like you design graphics.

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Create an online store and sell services, and physical and digital products without commission.


Available 7 days a week.


Mailboxes in your own domain.


Convenient interface modeled after graphics programs.


The most graphic editing options for the website.


Match elements with 1-pixel accuracy.


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The beginning of working on the website builder 



Product Hunt launch

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400,000 users


Opening an office and registering a company in Australia


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RO market entry


WebWave 2.0 - brand new interface


We launched WebWave in English


Moving out of the back of the store - we finally have our own door


First customer


WebWave beta version was published online

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WebWave has appeared in the media many times before. We decided to collect opinions and statements about our website builder. Read by yourself what others have to say about WebWave! 


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WebWave lets you build websites the way you design graphics - no grids, just drag and drop


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WebWave history.

How it will be?

The quality of the tool itself will always remain a priority for us, and continuing to merge these two seemingly contradictory concepts of simplicity and freedom will remain our biggest and most important challenge. Although our company has grown dynamically and changed dramatically over these 10 years, there are still many changes to come. On the other hand, our first assumptions of what kind of tool we want to give to the world - a page builder - do not change. In which we draw like on a piece of paper and we don't have to worry about coding.

Our mission is to help those who want to express themselves online in their own unique way.

Therefore, we will thrive in the global market. Help entrepreneurs who need us, and welcome to the team those who want to help them.

How is it?

From the idea to now more than 10 years have passed, creating sites without coding is no longer something special. Many wizards have been created during this time to quickly launch your own site. But our tool still remains a unique program, in which the creator has full freedom to set up the elements.

Today, our headquarters is located in Warsaw's Wola in a professional office. It employs 25 people who want to help others express themselves on the Internet. Hence, we are constantly developing our program and releasing a new version every week with fixes, improvements and new features. We serve 3 markets: Polish, Romanian and English-speaking. In (2020) we opened an office in Australia. We support our users with a team of specialists working 7 days a week. And we create guides, manuals, training courses and conduct webinars. To date, we have more than 480 texts in the knowledge base and on the blog, 85 conducted webinars, 97 thousand chats, 41 thousand hours of conversations with users and 192 YouTube videos.

But WebWave is first and foremost more than 400,000 users. Who rate our wizard incredibly well. The results of the NPS questionnaire for 2021 had an average score of +75. The scale in this survey is from -100 to +100 and any score above 0 is considered good.Among the users are not only entrepreneurs, institutions or hobbyists but also artists - professionals who create sites for others, from freelancers to agencies. Among the sites created in WebWave we can find Danuta Stenka's site, Lady Pank band's site, Mst. Warsaw dedicated to urban forests, or the Orlen labor union website. In WebWave any layman can create a decent site, but there are also among these sites real diamonds created by professionals, to whom we wanted to give freedom. Our tool is the best choice for those who want to quickly create a site exactly as they want it - nice, modern and without coding. WebWave is not and will not be a tool for creating web applications with business logic, accounts for hundreds of users and advanced database operations. - For such tasks there are programmers. But where they can be replaced - we are.

How it was?

Work on the tool began in 2011 in Warsaw's Bemowo district. As it usually happens when a few students start creating a company, the first headquarters, however, was not a garage. It was the back office of the store. We challenged ourselves to write a web development tool that would be both easy to use and give freedom of creation. WebWave was to be like a robust graphics program. At the beginning of use it prompts us a lot and every feature is well configured by default, but as we get to know it, we take on more and more authority to edit every detail. And how much we want to get into editing each element is up to us. That's why WebWave's clients range from hobbyists or small entrepreneurs to designers creating unique sites for others.

We never want to be like our competitors, we were created because our product was simply lacking in the market of website builders. Most such tools give you the option to create according to a strict template or predefined sections and a rigid table framework. In WebWave, you can set each element as you wish down to 1px and edit it freely. However, this is a program for both beginners and professionals. Therefore, it has to be affordable, and also with us there are many templates to choose from, which you can simply use or freely change under you. Combining these two concepts of simplicity and freedom in one tool was neither an easy nor a quick task. But finally on November 19, 2013 we managed to give it to the world.

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WebWave website builder is your AI-powered solution for building an online presence. Create your website in 3 minutes, add an online store or a blog, and grow your business. 


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