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How to Create a Landing Page Website in 2024

Author: Ewelina Wróbel


24 minutes

A professional Landing Page is an ideal way to promote a small or large business. A Landing Page will work well not only as a product page, but also as a portfolio or business card on the web. What is a Landing Page? What types of it do we distinguish? How to make it and what is worth remembering then? Let's learn about the 10 simple steps.

Creating landing page

From this article, you will learn ...

What is a Landing Page and who needs it?

What should a Landing Page contain and where to put it?

How to build a Landing Page? (Step-by-step instructions)

How much does it cost to create a Landing Page and how can it be promoted?


From this article you will learn ...

What is the AI website builder

What are the AI website builders available on the market

What to pay attention to when picking the best AI website builder

What is the best AI website builder

Who should use AI website builders

From this article, you will learn ...

What is the AI website builder

What are the AI website builders available on the market

What to pay attention to when picking the best AI website builder

What is the best AI website builder

Who should use AI website builders

From this article, you will learn ...

What is the AI website builder

What are the AI website builders available on the market

What to pay attention to when picking the best AI website builder

What is the best AI website builder

Who should use AI website builders

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1. What is a Landing Page Website?

Landing Page — is, in digital marketing, a stand-alone website created for the current campaign. It is a site that a user “lands” on after clicking a link in a message, from a Google ad or a post on social networks. Speaking of it, we may encounter various alternative terms, such as landing page, landing page, product page or, for example, micropage. 

Unlike other elaborate websites, a landing page has a clearly defined function. This is because landing pages are designed with a single purpose, called in CTA, or call to action.

A well-designed landing page should not weigh much. It also makes it load much faster. This contributes to an increase in the conversion rate, which positively affects the results of marketing and advertising campaigns carried out.

Copywriter lanidng page template

Key takeaways


WebWave allows you to create a portfolio without coding skills.

The wizard provides additional features such as a free image and icon bank, white space, various types of animations, or SEO Analyzer.

With WebWave we will create a website for free, we can also take advantage of the Premium Plan giving wider possibilities.


Start with AI 

Join over 600 000 users and generate your website
with WebWave AI Website Builder.

For free With no limits

The purpose of A/B testing is to answer the question of which of two versions of the same page is more effective.

To create a Landing Page in WebWave, all you need is a Free Plan or Starter Plan.

Before publishing, it's a good idea to check the site for errors. 

Key takeaways








Set a page goal. After a given campaign expires, you can use the page for the next campaign and modify the goal.   

Create high-quality content optimized for SEO. Think well about the slogan that will be on the CTA button.  

Choose appropriate graphics and images, make sure they don't weigh too much.    
Design your site on a piece of paper. You can take inspiration from other popular sites or use ready-made templates, adapting them to your needs.  

Be sure to link to other sites or social media.

Gather feedback from friends about your site and incorporate their tips. 
Publish the site and keep checking how it positions itself. Rethink your investment in advertising, do A/B testing, analyze the results and act!

Key takeaways



When building a Landing Page, it is a good idea to include a USP (special features or values of the product), a catchy advertising slogan, and consistent and high-quality visuals.

The Landing Page should also include brief and factual information, a clear description of customer benefits, feedback, and reviews from other customers, and a call to action.

Key takeaways

Landing Page can function as: Lead Generation (customer acquisition), Click-through (redirecting users to a specific offer or website), Squeeze Page (obtaining data from users), Sales Page (focused on sales) and Microsite (a more elaborate page directing users to an offer).

Key takeaways

The Landing Page, unlike other websites, focuses on presenting the current offer and encouraging purchase.

Key takeaways



A Landing Page is a stand-alone website created for the purpose of an ongoing campaign.

The purpose of a Landing Page is to call for an action (e.g., a purchase).



Key takeaways

AI website builders can generate a ready-to-publish website based on your input.

Key takeaways

AI website builders can generate a ready-to-publish website based on your input.

Key takeaways

AI website builders can generate a ready-to-publish website based on your input.

2. What is the difference between One Pager and Landing Page?

One Pager is, in short, a less elaborate website. It is much smaller than the standard one because it is based solely on one page. It does not have additional sub-pages, which are used to provide supplementary content and educational or entertainment content (e.g., in the form of a blog)).

Despite this, it contains all the necessary information, graphics, and descriptions. In the case of a One-Pager, we may also encounter the term Internet business card, since these types of sites often serve just such a role — they allow (usually) smaller, even local companies to be found on the web.

A landing page, on the other hand, as we have already told ourselves, mainly presents an offer and encourages the customer to buy (at that very moment).

Landing page is one form of earning money online.
landing page website with WebWave

A Landing Page is created to fulfill a specific purpose, such as user registration.

Key takeaways


One Pager is a single web page, without additional pages. It often serves as a business card.

A Landing Page is an offer page that encourages purchases.

Key takeaways

When choosing an AI website builder, pay attention to the generation process, final effect, customization options, and ease of use. 

Key takeaways

When choosing an AI website builder, pay attention to the generation process, final effect, customization options, and ease of use. 

Key takeaways

When choosing an AI website builder, pay attention to the generation process, final effect, customization options, and ease of use. 

3 Landing Page vs. Traditional Website

Every landing page is a website, but not every website will be a landing page. A landing page is used to promote and encourage action - i.e. buying, through the use of CTAs. A regular website can be more or less elaborate. It often has many sub-pages, images, and other materials. which only have a purely informational (/supplementary) role, that is, quite different from a landing page.

The landing page is unlikely to contain information that will not more or less influence the user's decision to make a purchase.

4. Types of Landing Page

We can distinguish between several types of landing pages, but their common goal is to focus the user primarily on a single action to present or sell a particular offer. 


Lead Generation

The typical function of this type of Landing Page, (as the name suggests) is to generate leads, that is, to obtain customer data - information about their interests or buying preferences. These are later used in advertising campaigns carried out targeting particular groups. These can be contests, promotions or, for example, dedicated campaigns with a discount code to use. 

An important element of this type of website is to include in the design a contact form in the shortest possible form - to encourage the user, to leave in it useful information for us.



This type of landing page is intended to redirect the user further, to a place where there is a detailed offer or simply the official website. Click-through is nothing else than the click-through rate — i.e., the ratio between the number of clicks and ad impressions, which we can easily measure.

This type of Landing Page is mainly used in e-commerce. Its task is to interest the user in a specific offer and convince him to decide to purchase or take advantage of a given opportunity.


Squeeze Page

The purpose of Squeeze Page is, as the name may suggest, to literally “squeeze data” from the user. This may be basic information such as e-mail address, and telephone number, but also information related to interests. Obtaining this type of data is the only goal for landing pages of this type. It is useful for creating a mailing database and the basis for building an ideal advertisement for the recipient. If we collect feedback on users' interests and expectations, we will be able to create a message that is appropriate for them. Based on the principle of operation and the main goals, we can guess that it is a type of landing page in which, in most cases, a form is attached.

Sales Page

Sales Page is a landing page that focuses on sales. This is one of the most popular forms of this type of website. The method of presentation — both for technical, visual, and textual reasons — is intended to familiarize a potential customer and ultimately encourage him to make a purchase or use the service.

In addition to the standard presentation of a permanent or new offer, it is ideal for all types of promotions and special offers. In such a case, we can often see the use of a time counter that signals to the recipient how much time is left until the promotion ends.

In addition, you will also find a discount code to be redeemed — it can be written in the form of a password that must be entered or in the form of a link placed in a button. It is best to use the method that will be the least troublesome for the user, because it will accelerate the achievement of the landing page's goal, which is, of course, sales.


Micro website

This is a slightly more extensive landing page, containing more content - text, graphics, etc. It's a mini version of a website. We can place on it, among others: blog articles. However, the primary purpose of this website is still to persuade the Internet user to take advantage of the offer.

A microsite is usually used when conducting advertising campaigns.

ewa lewis Landing Page template

5. Building a Landing Page

For a landing page to be effective and fulfill its basic function, which allows it to be distinguished from a standard One-pager, you must remember a few permanent elements when creating it. Of course, they will differ slightly depending on its purpose, but the scheme itself is similar.


Unique offer (USP)

In other words, Unique Selling Point (sometimes also translated as Unice Selling Proposition), i.e. an offer that stands out from the competition. These are special features or values of the product that should be appropriately advertised to your recipients in order to convince them to buy it.

Of course, we only use facts here - we do not stretch the truth. Companies often have their own general USP and we can use it, but if the offer we have to offer on the landing page is more narrow, it is worth taking this into account.


Advertising headline or slogan

A properly formulated message is essential. Because we have little time to attract attention, the H1 headline, which can take the form of an advertising slogan, should be sufficiently convincing, catchy, and at the same time easy to remember and identify (with our proposition).

If the first response that the content recipient sees is positive enough for him, it may determine whether he will take the next steps we expect.


The main visual element

For a landing page to attract even more attention and at the same time look more professional, it needs high-quality graphics and/or videos. Among other things, they influence its perception and create a visual impression.

The materials must be consistent with the entire graphic design of the target website, but they cannot draw all attention to themselves (they should not distract from the main message, but complement it). For them not to slow down page loading, you should ensure their appropriate format (e.g., SVG for vector graphics and JSON for animations) and compression.


Professionally written content

Every website, regardless of its type, should include an appropriate selection of text materials. Regardless of whether they will be educational, humorous, popular science, etc., they should be written in a fairly professional manner. We cannot allow a situation in which the recipient might think that the content was prepared sloppily. If we don't feel up to it, we can consider hiring a copywriter.

Because LPs are one-sided and must quickly provide information that is important for making a decision. The description should be rather short and to the point — so that the recipient does not have to waste time reading through the wall of text.


Benefit for the customer

The benefits of the offer that the recipient can count on should be specially highlighted so that they are not accidentally missed and that they can actually “speak”. A common and recommended solution is to write them down in the form of bullet points. This will make them more clear and specific.

Design advice (visual) → If we place them in more than one row, it is worth ensuring that the amount of text is approximately equal (so that one description does not contain one line, and another, e.g., three).


Social proof

Social Proof is one of the techniques used by marketers around the world. It influences the customer's decision by making him aware of what others think about a given product. These may be opinions or reviews prepared by users, star ratings, but also simple comments left by them (e.g. directly on the website or social media). Photos from cooperation undertaken or logos of companies belonging to our collaborators/integration are also a kind of social proof. 


Call to action (CTA)

Call to Action (CTA) is a slogan that is a call to action, i.e. directing the user to achieve a goal specified by us - usually a purchase or leaving your data.

(For example: Sign up for our trial lesson, take advantage of the offer now, sign up for our newsletter, etc., although usually, these phrases are much shorter, e.g. "I am signing up", "I am receiving a discount", etc.)

By the way, remember that all these elements should be appropriately adapted depending on the main attitude (in other words, goal) and the type of landing page.

6. How to Make a Landing Page in 10 Simple Steps

Step list:

1. Determine what you will use the landing page for

2. Setting a clear goal

3. Writing the content

4. Creating a CTA

5. Selecting appropriate graphics

6. Creating a website design

7. Connecting the landing page with the home page (if we have one)

8. Project consultations and feedback

9. Publishing the finished landing page

10. Testing and optimization


1. What do we use the Landing Page for?

As we said earlier, a landing page can be used to create many forms of presentation. It may be the website of a competition that we are planning to run, the website of a new product, or simply a virtual business card of the offer. There are many solutions. Once we determine what the reason for designing the landing page is, we will be able to move on to the process of creating it.


The most popular uses of a landing page include:

  • a "business card" of a specific activity
  • presentation of the general offer
  • presenting a special offer, e.g. a collection or a single product
  • promoting competitions and other events
  • presentations of skills and experience - portfolio
  • advertising campaigns
  • positioning and support of the main website
  • acquiring leads, e.g. via the contact form
  • It is also a cheap and relatively quick website to create.

As you can see, there are many applications of Landing Pages. The advantage is that once the land page has been designed, it can be used many times (we can modify one page for various promotional projects or create copies of the design without losing the existing one). The only thing you need to do is adapt it to specific activities.


2. Campaign Goal

As we have mentioned many times, each page should have its own purpose. Thanks to this, we will know what should be included in it. Maybe it's worth putting a form or a video on it that will present what we have to offer attractively.

Let's think about what our plans are, what they are supposed to be used for and how the target page, i.e. our landing page, is supposed to help us with this.


What could be some examples of campaign goals?

  • acquiring new customers
  • increasing sales
  • improving conversion
  • building brand awareness
  • promoting the company
  • redirecting the user to the home page
  • obtaining new opinions about the product
  • information about the new offer

Of course, we may also have more than one goal that we would like to achieve. (it is best to designate the priority one). It is worth writing them down, it will help in establishing the concept and design of the website. If we are aware of them, it will be much easier for us to track their implementation, i.e. what the campaign results look like (from what angle to check them, etc.)


3. Rules for Formulating Content

Every landing page needs good-quality texts that will be responsible for its conversion.

When talking about texts, we should take into account both the form and language (method of transmission), but also more technical aspects that may affect better organization, understanding of the content, and its positioning.


What should the texts on the website contain?

  • H1 header
  • H2 and H3 headings
  • professionally written content
  • the language of benefits
  • simple and clear message
  • Social Proof - opinions, comments
  • Call to Action - CTA
  • Keywords

If we do not yet have experience in writing, which does not take the form of a stream of thoughts, but is more thoughtful and tailored to a certain key, we would like to get acquainted with useful tips on how to write a good text. It is worth taking a look at, among others, for the article titled How to write texts for a website? Useful tips for beginners!


4. How to Formulate a CTA

Call to Action - this is nothing more than calling the user to perform a certain action (we have already talked about this a moment ago). The CTA we use depends on the type of landing page we have chosen and, of course, what purpose it is to fulfill. Some CTAs will be shorter and some will be longer. It depends on the detail of the message and the format it takes. If we place it in the form of a button, we try to limit it to a maximum of 3-4 words, because more of them will most likely look unsightly.


 What are some Call to Action examples you can use?

  • buy now
  • take advantage of the offer
  • take advantage of (our) offer today
  • take advantage of (our) promotion
  • Take part in our contest
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • tell us how you rate our service
  • use the discount code now
  • start using our application

A properly selected and well-formulated CTA is a guarantee that the landing page we create will bring the expected results. That's why it's worth spending some time on it, focusing, writing down a few ideas and then selecting the best one.


5. Where to Download Graphics?

Every professional website, regardless of whether it is a landing page, One-pager or an extensive platform, needs graphics - they can be in the form of photos, but also e.g. illustrations. Their high quality will additionally enhance our image as a professional.

Poorly selected ready-made graphics or their inaccurate execution may worsen the quality of our content. To keep the size (or rather weight) from weighing down the page, it's a good idea to choose a lighter format (such as svg for vector images and json for animation-focused videos) or simply compress them in advance.

Where can you get professional graphics and photos for your landing page? There are many free portals on the Internet from which we can download them without the need to buy copyrights, and we can search for them by a specific category, color scheme or a specific slogan (e.g. smilling person). However, please remember that not every website includes Polish phrases.

If we use WebWave when creating our landing page, we can use the option of a free icon bank and a gallery of over a million photos. All this is located directly in the creator, so we do not have to leave our project to place a new graphic element on it.

Of course, we can also make photos and other types of illustrations ourselves, but it is always worth having another alternative.