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Bicycle showroom

When your template is added to our database, other users will see that you are the author of the template. You can sign with your real name or a pseudonym, whichever you prefer. We can also provide users with your contact details if you'd like them to be able to get in touch with your for customised design services in the future.

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Website Template Design Requirements and Guidelines.

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This detailed template design guide will provide you with all the information you need to help you create user friendly templates of other WebWave users.

Detailed design guidelines

The template should be suitable for use in any of the RWD views. The menu on mobile versions should be in the form of a mobile menu. In addition, clickable elements should be at least 50x50 px.


All layers should have proper names in the appropriate language. Layer names should start with a capital letter. The order of layers in the layers panel should match the order of layers on the page.


All images and graphics should be compressed as much as possible without affecting the visual quality. The library should contain only images used in the template. All photos and graphics should be available under CC0 license.


H1, H2, H3, H4, Body, Link and Link Hover fonst should have global styles assigned in the editor. The fonts should be legible and contrast with the background. Text styles should be as few as possible, unused styles should be deleted.


The template should follow proven UX principles – be accessible to the user, easy to modify and at the same time nice, simple and most importantly readable. All effects should be created in the simplest possible way.

General requirements

Best practices, or how to create

a user-friendly template

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